Hotfix Galore, Future Plans

Hello everyone! Just writing a quick devlog to clear up some things.

Firstly, I've fixed a lot of the bugs you guys have pointed out to me (which, thank you for that. I doubt I would've ever noticed them on my own lol) So if you're experiencing any of the problems listed below, please re-download the game! (Your save data WILL transfer!)

  • Leon still interactable after leaving the Mirror Puzzle, interacting with him softlocks the game
  • Crate puzzle impossible to finish, due to Jamie despawning from the room. (Though that isn't completely obvious, since he's not in plain view until you finish the puzzle)
  • Overwriting save data looping unless you hit ESCAPE
  • Pink Mist gameover scene not saving
  • All Anu scenes are the same in the Gallery
  • Items not appearing (due to their depth being too low to appear on top of tables and other foreground tiles)

(If you're still having problems with the gallery scenes after updating though, it might be best to delete scenes.ini from your TAILBOUND save folder. More info is in the game's User Manual)

Though of course, there are some larger issues. Mainly: NPCs, and interacting with objects/items in general is almost completely busted. There's been a lot of bugs relating to leaving NPCs in certain locations/areas, and this sort of stuff isn't something I'd be able to fix in a simple hotfix. Hence, I'm going to detail what my future plans for TAILBOUND's development entails.

If I'm capable of continuing the game, the first major update will most likely be just to re-write a lot of the in-game systems to attempt making them more uniform and streamlined. (So that bugs relating to things like objects and NPCs become easier to fix) The biggest problem with TAILBOUND at the moment is how utterly spaghetti the code tying this thing together is. This is my first project done in Game Maker since I was 14 years old, and I mainly only started it to re-learn the engine... Little did I know though, GMS2 is far less competent in certain aspects compared to what I'm used to. Of course, this update will most likely be the last free update for the Teaser version of the game.

I don't really have anything to properly segway into this with, so I'll just be frank. Honestly, I can't justify finishing TAILBOUND unless it's making some sort of reasonable income on my SubscribeStar. I can't survive by devoting the necessary amount of time to it without making anything in return. I know that SubscribeStar isn't the best subscription platform, hell I don't even like it that much, but due to how Patreon has been treating NSFW artists I can't bring myself to go back on it. I've been banned from enough platforms for doing NSFW to know that Patreon won't be much different.

Currently, my goal on SubscribeStar is to make $600/month, you know, just baseline income... I feel like that's asking for a lot, but at the same time I've seen other projects coughfuckingkincaidcough make well over that despite having less to them than my projects. Though, I get that those pander to popular sexualities/fetishes, and are headed by cuddly and friendly people...

Either way, I won't be doing anything major to the game for about a week or two. (Aside from necessary hotfixes) I need a break after busting my ass on it for 5 solid months, and sorta want to unwind lol. If the potential for success is still there by then, and if the game's making enough to warrant it, I'll start work on the last big update for the Teaser. After that, I'll begin work on the final game, going area-by-area. Though these builds will not be public, since I do plan on selling the final game for 5 or 10 bucks. The main reward for subscribing to my SubscribeStar after the Teaser will be mainly to gain access to these early builds, and normal subscribers will have access to a new build for each new area. (Higher tier subscribers will be used as playtesters, and will be given beta test builds prior to these major builds)

All in all though, thank you guys for the amazing turnout! I honestly wasn't expecting the game to be doing as well as it is right off the bat, and just kinda thought it'd be another Thirstchasm situation, heh... If you're interested, my SubscribeStar can be found here. Thank you!


Oct 13, 2019

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