Patchnotes - Last Version of TB:T Planned

As you may have noticed, I've been pushing small hotfixes for TAILBOUND throughout the week. Though, I've noticed that I never wrote a proper changelog, so here's a quick one summarizing what's been changed.


  • Fixed an issue with Leon still being interactable after the Mirror Puzzle
  • Fixed the Crate Puzzle, previously if you entered and left, the puzzle would become impossible
  • Fixed overwriting save data
  • Fixed "invisible items"
  • Might have fixed Anu Gallery scenes, though it's uncertain.
  • Might have fixed the Pink Mist game over gallery scenes, though it's uncertain.


  • Changed some things with how sex scenes save, hopefully fixing them in the process
  • Changed how the internal game version is store
  • Changed some hints to make them more clear
  • Other fixes, probably. (I can't actually remember what I did in this build, lol.)


  • Added a light tutorial
  • Changed dialogue and hints, to make them more clear


  • Re-compiled the game to native code, in order to boost performance. (Also, to protect the game from being decompiled as easily, before v0.0.5)

Plans for v0.0.5

I'm planning on making v0.0.5 the last version of TAILBOUND: TEASER, before heading into developing the rest of the game. There are still numerous bugs in the game, but they mainly have to do with how uh... Spaghetti, the code structure is. To fix them, I'm planning on just overhauling the game's code and architecture, to streamline it and make it easier to manage in the future. I may also overhaul a few mechanics, since certain things haven't lined up with how I intended them to..

I'm also launching an ad campaign for the game on e621 soon, to hopefully help boost the notoriety of the game.

Thank you for reading!

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