Final TEASER Update - Tailbound needs you!

Hello everyone! Today I've released the final update to the TEASER of Tailbound. (v0.0.5) This will NOT (or at least, it shouldn't be) the final update for the game as a whole. If you want to hear about what's planned next, then stay tuned!

Final TEASER Changes

The final update is prepping the game for the rest of development, and (more or less) represents what the beginning of the final game will be like. Here's a quick list of what's been changed (going from least noticeable to most noticeable)

1. Changed the player's hitbox, making it more generous. Also fixed some issues with collision.
2. Corruptors will now notice you more easily if you're sprinting.
3. Added a glistening animation on items, to make them more noticable.
4. Added Corruptors that just fuck random NPCs, for show.
5. Rewrote the Gallery and fixed issues related to it. Added a "Secret" section to it, to keep secret scenes hidden until you find at least one.
6. Rewrote story NPCs to streamline them more, also removed NPC following. (It was causing a lot of issues, and I felt like it limits the scope of the story if NPCs become more or less irrelevant after you're "done" with them.)
7. Rewrote the textbox system completely, so that text could be more visually interesting. Added highlighted text, along with fixing text wrapping issues. NPC portraits now also slide in, to give it a little more charm.
8. Added the ability to name the main character.

Look, to the Future

Of course, I don't want this to be the last version of the game. But now I can at least say the demo for the game is complete, and represents what I want the rest of the game to be like. (Of course though, I want to make the next areas/characters even better as I go along) Though, there's a few problems..

Mainly, I work too hard. I put way too much effort into this project, because game development is genuinely too fun and rewarding. This doesn't sound bad, until you realize that due to this I don't want to focus on anything else. Having to do both this project and commissions at the same time will ultimately just hurt the game, and make it take way longer to produce. I know I could probably finish the entire thing in under a year, if just given the freedom to focus primarily on it and nothing else.

In order to make this possible, I've set up a SubscribeStar (kinda like Patreon except they won't ban me for drawing animal people peepees) All I'm really asking for is $600 per month, as I don't really need much more than that. (Or at least, I don't think I do.)

From now until the game is complete (which, who knows how long that will take if I don't get support) the game's future updates will be exclusive to those who subscribe. Subscribing for $5 will net you access to every large release of the game (aka, once per each new area added) Subscribing for $30 will get you playtest builds of the game, whenever those are ready. (Or whenever I need testing done, really.) All subscribers over $5 also gain access to my private discord server, which is the only server I'm in. (It's also fairly active) Though if you only want to pay $1, that's fine too, since you'll still be able to read devlogs on the game.

The next area I plan on adding will be titled "The Hoard", it's a smaller area, but it'll become very important as development continues. It will basically act as a fast travel between areas, and allow you to store your items in one place.

The area will feature two new characters, twin kobolds. (Male and Female) Just like with the demo area, you'll get to chose one of two routes within The Hoard, with a special threesome scene at the end depending on which route you take. (And of course, which kobold sibling you bang depends on which route you take)

Again, thank you all for supporting the game as much as you have! It all really means a lot to me, and I just want to put out the best I possibly can.

If you're curious about the subscription stuff I talked about, you can find my SubscribeStar here.

Thank you!


I'm no longer using SubscribeStar, due to how genuinely awful the site is and the stress making a game for money creates. If you still want to support me, you can either donate here or pledge to my Patreon! Thank you! (Note that my patreon is NOT for supporting my game projects, it's just for people who wish to support me for what I do!)

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