Note: I've heavily edited this post, as I plan to link people asking about Tailbound/Thirstchasm to it in the future, and the original text is rambly and slightly outdated. The original text can be found here, if you're interested in reading the longer "uncut" version of the post.

Creating Thirstchasm and Tailbound has been quite an experience for me, as I've never made any games that have gotten to their level of popularity. I've learned a lot from creating them, and they've re-kindled my love for game development after being away from it for so long. However, I've also learned that the porn aspect of these games tends to limit them, and most people honestly don't care about the game aspect of projects like these.

When working on these projects, I always felt like I was rushing and trying to create something for other people, rather than for myself. I wasn't truly creating the games I want to create, or telling the stories I want to tell. Of course, for normal developers, this also applies to normal games. People will often create things for certain demographics and audiences, as that's of course a surefire way to gain back a profit and fame. However, as an artist, that isn't my goal when developing video games.

I want to create something people will enjoy, sure, but I don't necessarily need monetary gain to motivate that will to create... But when making these porn games, I feel that was the only thing that ever motivated me to work on them. Money, fame, and spite were the main motivators behind both Thirstchasm and Tailbound's development, which isn't exactly healthy. It felt like I was a company, or a machine, instead of a human being.

What I'm trying to say is that these projects just sucked the life out of me, since I could feel that people wouldn't care about the games themselves but the porn they contained, while the porn was my least favorite aspect of both games. So instead, I'm going to use my skills to attempt making the best game I possibly can, without any porn. The game I'm referring to has been in pre-production for the past 3 months now, and I feel confidant in saying it'll be a project that I'll bring to completion someday. (Though I can't give an estimate as to when, considering it's the largest project I've ever planned.) I don't want to say too much about it right now, as it's still early in development, but just know that it'll feature anthro characters and Thirstchasm-like combat.

So yes, Tailbound is on hiatus in order for me to focus on a more emotionally bearable project, however that isn't to say it's 100% cancelled. As implied here, I'd like to move away from making porn games and make a name for myself with non-erotic games, but things often don't go as planned unfortunately. If I fail at this, or ever decide to go back to making porn games, Tailbound will definitely be the first project I go back to. (Especially considering I can take what I have for this new project and retrofit it into Tailbound, considering I wanted it to play more like Thirstchasm anyway.) There's plenty of porn games out there, all of them just as interchangeable as the last, so I'm sure there's droves of other games that'll fill the gap left by Thirstchasm and Tailbound...

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