Tailbound: Teaser Announcement

This will be my last post on this page. All further updates will be on Tailbound's (future) Itch.io page.

Most people don't actually know what Tailbound is, since I've been super secretive about it. But, I think now would be a good time to explain what exactly it is, since I'll be focusing on it for four to five weeks straight starting today. I won't be going into extreme detail, as that info's exclusive to my SubscribeStar backers, but here's a brief overview.

Tailbound is my followup to Thirstchasm, it's similarly top down and 2D, though this time I'm working in GameMaker Studio 2 to build the game. (Since it's a genuinely better engine than HaxeFlixel, and fixes almost all the problems I had with GMS1.) The game takes heavy inspiration from games such as Resident Evil, but focuses a lot on non-linear structure like A Link to the Past. There are multiple different paths and characters that the player can meet, completely depending on their choices throughout the game. I want to split it up into multiple areas, which each act as gauntlet of puzzles and challenges. At the end, I hope to have multiple different endings depending on the player's previous choices/what items they've managed to collect.

Of course, the game is a porn game, and will feature primarily M/M content. Although this time, I do plan on adding some intersex stuff as well. Unlike Thirstchasm though, I do not plan on making sex scenes animations. Due to time constraints and the pure amount of content in the game, it'd take far too long to realistically accomplish. (Since money's tight, time is a big issue for me) I'm currently working on the teaser version of the game, which will feature roughly 20 sex scenes. I hope to release it sometime next month, and possibly even get music for it if my budget allows for it. The teaser will feature the first area of the game, as a sort of proof of concept for the ideas I have. (Though, it of course won't feature absolutely every little detail that I want in the final game.)

Similarly to Thirstchasm, I plan on releasing the teaser for free on itch.io. (Though I won't be releasing it as PWYW, since I hate itch.io's payout system.) I'm not sure how I'll be releasing the final game, but ideally I'd also like to release it as freeware. It really depends on the situation by then. I don't plan on releasing the game in incremental updates as I did with Thirstchasm, though. Incremental updates will only be released for my subscribers. Anyway, thanks for reading all of this. I hope you guys look forward to what I have in store!

If you wanna keep up to date, you can follow me on Twitter, FurAffinity, or even on here! (Though I don't post very often here, but you will be notified when the game comes out! ...I think)

...Want to get a better look behind the scenes, and support development, though? Then please consider supporting me on SubscribeStar! Subscribers gain access to exclusive screenshots/sketches/artwork as I'm developing the game! I also plan on doing some other goodies for 'em, so stay tuned!

Also, SubscribeStar does allow for debit cards as well as credit cards, the wording on-site is just... Off, I think.

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