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Tailbound is an 18+ furry game, and is a sequel to Thirstchasm. The game's development is currently on hiatus, but an early demo (Tailbound: Classic) is available. 


Tailbound: Classic

Tailbound: Classic is the original version of Tailbound, and is a small demo of the first area. It's inspired by games such as Resident Evil, and is more of a top-down exploration/puzzle game. The final game (if it ever gets made) will not reflect classic in terms of gameplay.

Development Status

Tailbound's development is on indefinite hiatus.


Art, Code, and Design - Carpetwurm

Music and Sound - Fann


Tailbound: Classic 10 MB

Development log


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Honestly ill miss the story, idk why but once I play a game the story starts to matter the most. Also, if anyone knows the 4 numbers you need to unlock the pad at the beginning, please give it to me lol, I been looking at his FA, twitter, trello, and everything typing in every 4 numbers I see but I just cant seem to get it.

i dont care about the porn aspect of these games :D i like the puzzles and dugeons and stuff tho it is nice to have the erotic aspect  your games are great and i hope you continue to make more

make a mac version please

game very nice

is the locked door in the beginning of the game that requires a 4-digit code can actually be opened? if so then is there a hint I could see?

CarpetWurm (sempai) said that the door can be opened...somehow


whelp, guess just going through 0000 and 9999 is the only possible way of opening it xD (I got no patience to do that)

i think that too xD /sorry my bad english/

the secret behind the door is only a personal thing that i did for myself, and it's for fans of my artwork. it's an incredibly easy combination to figure out, since it's listed somewhere on my fa (and anyone who's ever commissioned me has had to have written it at one point)

mmm i never commisioned you but i will investigate every art you have ever done

and nice puzzle you did there uwu

Fa? Hmm...


i cant believe that will work...but i admire how intelligently hidden/plain sight was this puzzle carpetwurm uwu

look at some of the pictures :P


Found the Solution to the Card Tiers. Don't wanna give it away entirely, so let's just say that the paper of relics you find is the solution. Only the cards in the top row matter and they can be in any order

Any ideas for the red key door, have yet to to find anything regarding that after checking thru a few times.

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Red key locates in eSports Lounge. Head down and you'll see it on a desk (if there aren't any invisible bugs again).

But you have to figure a way to deal with the two Anus.

I’m stuck at the 30 second countdown where the gas is released. How do you complete the light switch puzzle?

If I'm not mistaken, switch them all down then turn up the first and the third one in order.

Do you know how to open the trap door? 

I’m also really confused by the card tier thingy. 

Also , how do you enter the storage room? Everything seems to be locked

There are 2 routes in the game, you either help the guy in the gaming room (like you did) or you help the fox in the staff room south of the Dealer's Den. The Storage room is part of the Fox's route.

I'm missing the first guy on the gallery, which I'm guessing is supposed to be Alex, I've scoured to entire game for him yet haven't found him, my theories is that he's either behind the door with the 4 digit password or beneath the trapdoor in the Dealer's Den. Buuut I haven't found a way to open either one.

Oh, also is there supposed to be any difference between the big dog's 2nd and 3rd scene? Because to me appears to be the same penetration cg.

The 2nd and the 3rd cg of Anu are different. Also, yeah I'm finding way to open the trapdoor in the Dealer's Den, but I can't figure it out.

the trapdoor is the only non-interactable thing in the demo atm, it's only there to serve as a teaser for the next area of the game. but yes, alex is in the game as a more personal secret, and you're right about him being behind the 4-digit door. the digits you need are technically told to you in the game, but that's more of a coincidence lol.

So you get the numbers just by chance? and where exactly do you get that?

the numbers are hiding in plain sight.

I already tried like everything that could be even close to be a hint.

well then, trial and error it is.

guess I didn't get anything better to do.


where can i find the alex scene?


So I’m missing one person and a game over screen in the gallery. Are they in the demo and I’m missing them or are they just still being developed?

yeah, Im missing the first person and the first game over, even though I got the pink mist game over already

I found a glitch. If you leave leon in the storage room (a) and go back. He disappeared and you cannot get him back

Hey, it looks great from the screenshots and stuff! Just curious If there would ever be support for Mac!

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when i enter to the storage (a) room there is no indication of how to do the boxes puzzle and no way of knowing if i did it right

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That indication is indeed far from Storage (A) room. 

Try find a room in the lower-left corner of Dealer's Den (not the side room, another one), and a note is waiting for you.

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There is. It's in the staff room connected to the Electrical room right at the table near the door you come out of. And the box shakes when you do it right

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Excellent games.  Cool puzzles. And cool commissions.

Didn't run into any bugs about puzzles, like others. Also I guess some of you guys might need to check NOTES more often.

But did also find something else:

When you take a friend with you, and he happens to stay near by an interactive item (e.g. THE trapdoor. I won't point out its location to avoid spoliers to other players), press E might BOTH interact with your partner AND the item.

While the dialog seems only for the item, constantly press E (to read the dialog) but no A or D (to change your option) will also trigger your partner's interaction, force him to stay in this specific location, which usually isn't your intention.

And repeating it again has a nearly same effect, or a reversed one if you consider it in a different way -- you choose an option without noticing, and he follows you again.

any tips on the trapdoor?, i have no idea on how to access it

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There's a handbook in the same room which tells you what cell you should activate. Check it first.

Then try connect the S·C cell to the END cell in the machine, only through the cells mentioned before. And all of them must be activated.

You can either go vertical or diagonal, but no cells are allowed to be passed through twice.

I try not to distroy your fun by directly giving you the  correct answer. But, if you still struggle it, you can ask for that.

I can’t find the handbook. I don’t know if it’s bevause of invisible bug or something.

That may be an invisible bug indeed. The handbook is supposed to be clearly visible.

Where is located at? Which table?

Where is the Notebook? I only find 2 notes . One about a card game and one about a warning

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Which one are you looking for?

the onme for the trapdoor... i guess its a bug. where is it supposed to be placed?

You mean the door behind the table at Dealer's Den?
if I go with Leon then he just stops and asks if he should call, I thought he would ask upper help can open the door or something I'm probably doing something wrong xwx

Well... Never try take Leon to interact with locked door ... Because I 'accidentally' led him to a Anu, and he seemed to enjoy himself LOL.

As I both felt guilty and funny, I lacked the motion to load.

Anyway, I unlocked Electrical Room in Carth's route. 

that does not answer my question, so I do not need Leon? but how do you get in there I have no key and the one code is probably for this other door ... is there a button or something?

I mean, this specific room could even be unavailable in Leon's route.

Just like if you pick Carth, you'll never be able to get in storage A room.


Can you please just tell me instead of talking in riddles I would like to see everything from the game without annoying myself now, I would be very grateful :/ 

-there is this door at the beginning where you have to enter a four-digit code I have indeed read text with the 282 but there is a number missing and because my English is not so good that I understand every slang the puzzle is a little more difficult for me.
-the second is the trapdoor at Dealer's Den I've even restarted to try the crowbar with it ._. but that does not work either.

if it goes to explain it to me for stupid people like me that helps me the best


commissions? do you just mean the drawings? (implying i had any money to spend on this game's development lol)

but yeah, almost everything related to NPCs is incredibly buggy. you aren't really supposed to do that much with them atm outside of being corruptor fodder, so i haven't really tested them extensively.

the game's code is almost completely spaghetti right now, since i haven't used game maker since i was like, 13 or 14, so it's been taking some getting used to. (it doesn't help that gms2 doesn't allow you to structure code or use arrays like a normal functional human being) i think the game will probably just need a major re-write when it comes to NPCs and interactable objects/items/etc... if i continue it, at least. since this sort of stuff isn't really fixable in a quick hotfix

Well... Sorry for the misunderstanding... I guess I kinda sounds like an asshole, which I totally deserve to... 

But still, let me explain a little: No, I definitely did't mean the drawings, since they directly came from you.

Still, cool drawings indeed.

The only thing that could be the commissions are nothing else than the soundtracks... But I suppose I used an incorrect word for them. Might as well stop being a riddle jerk and  bring things up directly -- I'll mark that as a note for myself LOL.

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Just gotten the 0.2 update but I've run into a graphical problem. Items you pick up on tables no longer appear, but you can still interact with them. I've both started a new game and used a loaded game and it was the same in both.

how do i pry ether the window or the circuit breaker loose???

Face the window or the loose, and USE the crowbar in item menu.

But the crowbar will be broken immediately, so you can only pry one of these two. Make your choice (or save & load).

were is the crowbar i am pretty sure i have looked everywhere


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Just in the beginning room. I mean the side room, the room where you first met Leon.

Walk down (hold S) and you'll see an obvious crowbar on a table waiting for you.

It's kind of not obvious if the item in question is not visible. 

ya there is no crowbar for me at all and i just restarted to see if that will help but still no crowbar

Then that's definitely a bug. Just wait for a fix.

its there its simply invisible right now

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List of issues (Love this game still, hope they are fixed):
Overriding a save causes looping "are you sure" prompts
Returning to main menu erases discovered areas map, (noted when loading a save)
If inventory is full and a NPC gives you an item, the item will not go into your inventory or ground

NPCs do put the item on the ground next to you, but due to the ""invisible item"" bug (aka items appearing below foreground tilesets) it's unnoticeable

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In short, the card game puzzle needs hints about which cards are "top tier" and such, unless there are hints somewhere?
(randomly found solution below)

Top row: both greens, purple:SNAT
Middle: purple edge, gray, blank
bottom: (everything else)

P.S. the game is excellent so far

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im pretty sure that bug is fixed in the hotfix (v002) but please tell me if it isn't! i don't know what else could possibly make it not work

hey, so i am a little stuck on the card puzzle, what do i do on that one? i cant tell what ones are "top teir"

read my above posts

I cant figure out the door puzzle

no matter what order i put the number

359 worked for me

The NPC and photo gives hints for the number.

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found a glitch. after you solve the light puzzle, theres an option by the door to talk to the guy, even though he isn't there. if you attempt to talk to the empty spot then the game freezes when you interact with the laptop afterwards

thank you for informing me of that! i could've sworn i toggled him to be non-interactable, but i guess not lol