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Tailbound is an erotic furry game, and is the sequel to Thirstchasm.

I'm currently reworking Tailbound from the ground up, since I don't find the current demo (Tailbound Classic) to be that good.

I've written a full walkthrough for the game that you can read here. (I recommend you read it.)


Art & Code - Carpetwurm

(Classic) Music and Sound - Fann


ALL donations made on this page go towards supporting the development of the full game. Supporters also receive the art pack for the Classic version, containing concept art and in-game scenes. Currently, I aim to have the game finished sometime in 2021.

Donors can also access the #tailbound channel on my Discord Server, where I'll be posting WIPs and updates.


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So the game is done now or ?


Can you read?




I hope you add the animation to the main character that the the others get from getting caught by the beast, the stills are great, but i'd love to see some more in game animations of getting action.


Hey man! I love your content and what you produce, I have enjoyed it for a long time now! Sorry things have been hard but I want you to know that your type of style with the M/M characters with tons of fun content and scenes to enjoy is amazing. Thank you for your work and the dedication you put into these things. I hope to be an artist one day (and I don't think I'll be making games) but I love your style of art and how you do things. Thanks for the fun times and the great characters and style you have. Your ideas for games/characters and creatures things are exactly the type of style I look for with the M/M action and stuff like that, thanks again, man! Hope things go well with you in your life!


Android is there one

Is there anyway to skip the Tragic the Garnering cards puzzle? i cannot solve it for the life of me

Ill be honest, i dont know if itll get released or not. Ive been a huge fan of your art styles, and honestly would love to see more furry art (nsfw or sfw). 

the problem i have is the roller coaster ride your projects have undergone. I understand you have mental issues (believe me, there are days i barely can get out of bed myself). And i think thats sad, because you really do have talent here.

That said, i will say this; i definitely am liking the results of your projects (once they do make it out), and have absolutely no problem paying 10$ for a functional complete and well written game. Adult content is fun n all, but i kinda got interested in tailbound for the story aspect more than the porn if im being honest... whats this pink gas? Whos behind it? Whats the motive? How does our protaganist escape? Whats the reprocusions and after affects of the convention being gassed and turned into mindless sex drones?

Tl;dr i really am hoping this reaches completion, story super interesting, willin to pay, and hope you can combat that depression.

And as long as ya dont go uber emo or destructive, ill give ya my support.

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That's interesting, the story in Tailbound, while being one of the more fun aspects for me to work on, isn't something I've focused on too much. A lot of it is just a reflection of how I feel about making porn, and how I feel about people who take it all too seriously, so (while not explicitly in Classic) a lot of the motives and repercussions come naturally to me for this project.

I don't really consider myself much of a writer, but it's something I'm glad about when people comment on. For what it's worth, I mostly like to focus my writing efforts on my comics, where I try to put more thought towards the characters and themes of my stories. Of course, I've been trying to make comics ever since I started drawing, so maybe that's rubbed off on Tailbound, idk.

[Also to elaborate a little further, I've been brainstorming and writing a new comic over the past month or so, and it's plot is coming almost as naturally as Tailbound's did. I probably won't start drawing pages for it at least until Tailbound is done, but if you're legit interested in that sort of stuff I might post about it in my Discord server]

how can i find your discord? Is it on patreon or am i just missing it somewhere?



I love the look and puzzles, though I'd suggest a way to skip the introductory bits, like the car ride and all that.

Interestingly, I found Thirstchasm to be a little more fun than this. I had hoped to see more levels on that and more sex related activities instead of dom sub only with most creatures. Like 4 different sex poses to those NPCs you could meet and had to answer questions on. Anger sex. xD That'd be a fun one. But yea, I downloaded this from here and it felt a little emptyish, but it was still fun. The shortest game of the 4 I downloaded from itch.io the other day.

I just can't stand the inventory limit, perhaps you can simply make the inventory scroll and not require you to find places to drop things pointlessly? Or maybe consume keys that become useless for the rest of the game so that after they get used, they are no longer in your inventory taking up space till you find a suitable place to drop them?


that's why i'm remaking the game to play like thirstchasm but actually good

I found the randomized level stuff kinda fun actually though. I had hoped for more past the third level of that game but it ended so soon. I used a cheat tool to give myself infinite health on that game and deliberately lost to many creatures. xD This game has more story to it, while the other seemed like a random sex dungeon which I kind of had a little more fun with for the sake of running around looking for new things to have sex with. xD


so uhh will we get an update here

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no, i'm only posting updates in my discord server until the game is done. (because there aren't going to be any updates major enough to warrant posting here until then)

if you're wondering about the release date specifically, thats definitely being pushed back a couple months due to current circumstances in my personal life that i'd rather not publish here.

Deleted 44 days ago

why does Will look like keith,from twokinds?


will isn't even in the game, and last time i checked keith has tan fur and zero snout so i'm not sure which character you're talking about


Im having trouble getting into the side room. I'm in the first room as the Rabbit with Leon. The photo says 935, but When I got to the lock it doesn't work!


Sorry i'm a bit late to reply. However, if you speak with Leon, he'll mention that he's tired of being "sandwiched" between the others. And if you take a closer look at the photo, the fox on the right is actually Leon! So, what you need to do is to "sandwich" him between the other two, which gives you 359. Why is 3, the rabbit (or hare) first? Well, i guess because he's the famous full top around there.

As a side note, Leon is my favorite, and i think the creator made a really exceptional work even if he himself thinks the opposite.

to clarify, when i say tailbound (classic) is bad, i mainly mean its a bad sequel to thirstchasm, since it doesnt build on thirstchasm really at all.


noticed that there are two other gallery unlocks they haven’t accessed yet. One is a game over, and the final one is in the Other category


Love ur game mate, i bet it will be even better after u remake it <3 Keep up the good work


i absolutly love the look of this game!!!!
is there ever a possibility of it becoming available on mac in the future? i would love to be able to livestream it one day

it should run fine on wine

Deleted 80 days ago

hey thanks for the info. ive tried running it on wine but it doesnt seem to load up at all. it just shows a blank screen. ive loved your previous game so much and cant wait to play this one


I wish i had the money to help. Since at the currently i have no spare money, i will say this you are one of the most interesting and unique artists i have seen. i love your gameplay mechanics and artistic vision, heck i replay this just to enjoy the challenge. Good job carpetwurm! You are talented in your art!


my financial situation also isn't best, but at the same time I want to show support and help so 10$ now and meibe some later.


I knew it would pay off checking the status of the game here and there. Now take my money and don't even dare to cancel it again.

Thanks for leave the game free to play... Really thank you, i love you buddy, keep it working! ^^


What about Thirstchasm? I love it :3 please come back you are so good making games


i excited. ;3







So excited to see the game coming back!!!


I just downloaded this and i cant get out of the room with Leon in it, there are 2 keypads one is a 3 digit and the other one isn't working. Any help would be appreciated. 


look at the picture on the table.

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i had the same issue i looked at the pic i cant figure it out please help me!  its the 3 digit code in the side room-

i think its 369

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While I'm more of a lewd game fan I have to say I respect the hell out of your talent, so in future lewd games or not, I'll be a fan. And I must add, I hope you have someone in your life that encourages you to follow the artistic path you're on be it games or comics, because you DO have a talent for it, even though I imagine large projects seem daunting.


K I made an account just to tell you this, I downloaded your game and I absolutely loved it! I 100% this game and ThirstChasm and I wanted to tell you how much I love you! Seriously this is the perfect game especially for me.

I love Rabbits, especially male ones, and no joke this game was awesome, it was a bunch of hot guys with no girls going at it and that is amazing! I hope at one point I can code and do things like this, I would absolutely adore being able to create content like this. 

I seriously love you and the work you are doing, If I knew what I was doing better with computers I would beg to be able to work with you on one of these, but seriously great job and keep up the amazing work! I love the games and the whole premises behind them, I hope you keep updating them. When this Covid thing is over i'll have to sub on Patreon to show some support, honestly you are fantastic and make games and things I wish I could make. 

Both these games rock and i'm exited for what you do next, shoutouts to your characters as well, I love them all, especially that hot rabbit. 

Love you man!

- Your Boy Prince_Noven


well to tell you the truth, i don't like doing these kinds of games, so after tailbound is finished then that's it. i'm more interested in doing comics (like my current side-project) so i wouldn't recommend subbing to the patreon...


this wont let me review but TOP TIER GAME

how do i get the other game over can someone help me out?

(1 edit)

I didn't know there's two choices for the crowbar leads to a different endings, Its a good rpg game I liked it

how do you select

(1 edit)

How do you unlock scene 3 for the beast?


the code is 3 digit what do i do in the side room it not 4 digit


by your english skills I guess you are not even old enough for this game

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no I just have a horrible key board that gets stuck with some of the keys, specifically with the s key


(1 edit) (+2)

what about people who are, maybe, learning english

adults learn english too lol


It is such a shame that the creator didn't fully enjoy this game, making it or, apparently, even getting into the H scene as far as these are concerned. It had creativity with the mechanics, sure it could of gone further, but it's only version...what, version 10? less? I don't pretend to know how much time went in to it, but the music choice, the characters, the scenes, the atmosphere, it's all great. The art is great, both the actual scene artwork and the lower definition placement of sprites...

I hope wurm is doing well, and I hope his work on his new game is going well. I really do wish him the best, because this game and it's prequel were fun. I enjoyed the time I spent in them. <3 <3 I made an Itch.Io account specifically so I could say nice things about games like this, which I enjoy so much, and not just for the pornography, Gods no, the writing is important too, the gameplay, the mechanics on display, every drop of sweat and effort.

A good example is Kincade. A new platformer coming out by Cookiedragon (No I am not a shill), it's very fun, it has great pixelart, it has great platforming and ideas for level design.

It's also an incredibly hot game, it just happens to be M/F, whereas this and many other games on itch.Io may i add, are more M/M. And that's okay. Different strokes....that idium applies way too well in this situation.

Anyways, I just wanted to get at that, both games are good. But they are not porn masquerading as a game, they are games, with pornography in them. The two do not need to be mutually exclusive, all it does is exclude a portion of your potential audience (which actually isn't that much considering the waning birthrates as of the last ten years.) But nevermind, suffice it to say, I know you will get support. Not only from your fans of the past, but also from the future, so...with that said....I apologize profusely for my ramble. <3 ><


I totally agree to what you said ! It's been just a few days since I looked up on this site for some indie games and especially sexual furry ones (yes, please forgive me, we're still on quarantine and I need to relieve some stress and to find new games !!).

Anyway, It's been just a few days since I started to play those games and- DAMN, I love the graphic pixelart in Wurm's games and I am also curious about the story of Tailbound ! Thirstchasm was a damn good sequel, that reminded me some Zelda stuff (and I know that's the idea since Carpet said it) and when I saw that the two games were linked, I felt more curious about it. (I'm not gonna add that I spent most of my time on the sequel just to talk to one of the dammit PNJs !)

So yeah, now I'm with a folder with a dozen of furry nsfw games in it but, they all are really well detailed, their stories are really interesting, the characters are lovely and interesting too but... I am really looking forward to continue the Tailbound adventure but the creator HAS to listen to himself first! And I hope he's doing great and he's enjoying creating things besides Tailboud ^^

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Check my profile if you want find more games.

I do not use to say people to check my profile but since look like you are looking for more games.

Furry list are the games, the other two are Novels and comics.

P.S.: Have a command to turn lists public.


Whats the code in the side room?



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RiP. was hoping to see what happened next, but if you don't have the passion to do it I don't blame you for not continuing, do what you enjoy.

edit: I know you said it isn't 100% canceled, but if you didn't enjoy working on it I can't really see you wanting to come back


I didn't enjoy the "classic" iteration of the game, since it's too slow paced and boring to design for. I've still been keeping ideas for a re-work on the backburner, but it'll have to wait until Moontide is released.


the code is 9053. its a reference to my old discord id until i changed it.


For the record, anyone looking for the 4 digit code, the 'number' that was the code disappeared off his FA (replaced with another), but if you look at a journal from around 9 months ago (October 2019), you may find it.


figured the 4 digit code out :3 

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