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A little lewd furry roguelike thing. Currently only a "proof of concept" version. If you find any bugs or have suggestions then feel free to leave a shout!

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Current Version: 1.1 (Proof of Concept)

Published 5 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags2D, adult, furry, nsfw, Pixel Art, Roguelike

Install instructions

Be sure to extract the Thirstchasm X.X folder out of the zipped file before running Thirstchasm.exe.. I'm sort of surprised that I have to explain that.


Thirstchasm 1.1.zip 6 MB

Development log


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I can tell you are making combat more difficult which is a very good thing. Back in version 1.0 defeating enemies was really easy so now there is a very small bit of difficulty when fighting against multiple at once.

Also, I understand how doing an animation for the slime would be difficult to do. I honestly would have no idea what to do either. But maybe someone will have a good suggestion.

So far, I really love the work you've done.

whats the new update

I really like the concept, and it looks amazing for what it is already!

My only suggestion is provide ways to regain energy besides being toppled and dommed. At the moment, it requires 2 hits to topple you, and restores 3 energy upon loop completion.

...toppling is random chance, it doesn't take a specific number of hits to get toppled

i love the idea of this game and after playing it for it bit its pretty goood hope you find a willing voice actor and not cheesy sound effects

im not going to have voice acting in the game

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Excellent work! Really looking forward to seeing more work on this! I have a few questions about content, wondering if you're interested in any of these.

  1. Bosses: Larger/More dangerous enemies at the ends of levels like in Binding of Isaac or Nuclear throne. They'd probably automatically game over you if you got their loss scene, I'm not sure. It's entirely up to you how to interpret it!
  2. More Ambush scenes: The ambush mechanic is definitely my favorite aspect of the game, and I'd love to see an ambush with the slimes or that white dog. (Or at least variants of them, like with the kobold/lizard ambush that has the black one)
  3. Variable Game Over screen: Basically this would just have an ending corresponding to the enemy you lost to. If you get set to 0 energy by the lizard for example, a still image or short loop of you getting fucked would appear, that kind of thing. Or alternatively,  just a different game over screen per level.
  4. Submission button:  I know you stated in a separate comment that you don't want to de-incentivize triggering the sub scenes by making them cost energy, but perhaps you could have a button in submissive scenes (Both ambushes and toppled ones) that allows you to get a game over specific to that enemy/ambush? This would require a lot of work, and for the Variable game overs to even be a thing. 

Let me know what you think of these ideas and if you have any specific plans you'd like to share going forward! These are purely suggestions and inquiries as to whether you're interested in the pitches, I'm not trying to tell you how to make your game! Best of luck and keep up the good work. <3


im already planning a lot of what you mentioned, besides the sub button. which, i don't really think that'd be a lot of fun since it'd just allow the player to see whatever they want without having to work for it? the thing with health won't be a problem because im going to rebalance it with something else in version 2.0

Cool! I look forward to seeing it, especially bosses :)

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my reaction to this

JK this good shit B. but needs more levels. and also add bosses... maybe...

Сhic game, little content but the prospect is incredible.

Some sort of gallery for seen cutscenes could be nice. Other than that, this is pretty enjoyable.

Just a few quick questions:

What's your end goal for the project?  Will there be more detailed scenes in future? What's the roadmap look like?


idk, there's certain things i want to add but there's no real overall goal in mind.. i'll probably make a more detailed post going over what exactly i want to work in over time

I wanted to say that I can't wait for a full version. though I will give a bit of a recommendation in regards to the game..
1: I hope there's somewhat of a progression system. Binding of Isaac comes to mind
2: just something I'm interpreting from your plans. Let the player regain energy from dominating monsters.
3: make it that failing an ambush costs you energy.


dominating monsters is too easy right now, if the player regained energy from that then there'd be even less challenge. if the player lost energy for failing trap rooms then that'd unincentivize seeing the submissive versions of those loops.

the animations are just a black screen for me  T_T But i really like the game  it's easy and fun to play :v pls keep going

It says it's not available on widnows, is it supposed to say that or is that some kind of bug?

really looking forward to seeing more of this. Great start so far. Hope to see more enemies in the future. Also, as stated by some others, some varied colors or environments would be nice

Really good for a proof of concept. I agree with the varied colors of the levels, and would also like to point out that a bit of story might be nice, and a list of button controls in the options menu for reference. Again, really great start!

Hi, I really like the game so far, and am quite eager for future updates! As a token of my gratitude, I leave you with a small bug report, and a couple of suggestions for future updates.

When an enemy begins to flash, if you time an attack right, they will either pass straight through you without dealing damage, or you can hit them regardless of your position or facing.

In the future, I would like if all enemies could be toppled, as I feel it would simply add more variety, but the animations that you made so far are excellent!

Also, I think it would be nice if the color of each level were different. Like if Tunnels I started with the blue you already have, and then Tunnels II had perhaps a darker blue, or even purple. It could make each level feel a bit more distinct from one another, and would add a sense of progression.

Once again, love the game so far, and I hope you have fun making it, and produce many updates in the future! 

Actually, all of the enemies can be toppled! Only the slime has no animation upon interaction after toppled, though.
I have experienced the sword timing thing as well, but it didn't stop me from enjoying the animations. The concept's there, and there's clearly skill to back it up! I'm looking forward to what kind of content Carpet adds to the game!

The only untoppable enemy is the gelly, because toppling an enemy means it needs an animation where the player dominates it. I don't know how exactly you could dominate a slime. Every single enemy can topple the player though, if you didn't notice... So.. Anyway, there's no real point in changing the level colors or whatever considering the tunnels level only consists of tunnels 1 and 2. If anything it's going to be sort of like The Binding of Isaac or Nuclear Throne in terms of level layout, but I was sort of thinking of maybe doing branching paths. Idk.