A downloadable game

Due to this game overshadowing my work as an artist, spawning an absolutely toxic community, and taking a lot of time from me I've decided to cancel it. Sorry, I'm only human and can put up with so much.

*Edit (Nov 23rd, 2018)

I'm unlisting thirstchasm in search engines/etc.

Reason being, I can't handle people messaging me about the game anymore (even months after I cancelled it) I'm afraid of it sticking around and constantly overshadowing anything I decide to do or move onto in the future. It's something I'm deeply afraid of, so please look at my newer work. Even if you're not into it, it means a lot to me to know that people might go out of their way, instead of just jerking off to some half baked game with janky animations.

So please, PLEASE don't bother me about this game anymore. It's not something that I want to work on at the moment, or possibly ever again. If you'd like to ask about it's development or things like that, go ahead, but just saying "kappyworm i saw that u cancilled ur gaem i am saed uwu," is going to give me a headache.

my newer stuff can always be found on my furaffinity or my inkbunny. i also use twitter if you're into that, thanks to anyone who actually bothered to read this far (since reading seems to be a problem for most people who play tc)

*Edit (Dec 16th, 2018)

i'm done. i tried my best but people still bother me about this shit daily. no more thirstchasm. none. you can't download it from here or e621 anymore and that's it.

don't even dare pm me asking for a download, or else i'll block you. (not to mention that i don't even have the game saved anymore)

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